Welcome to Core Enable

Core Enable is a medical billing and revenue cycle management company. We are a small, family-owned and Veteran-owned business. We partner with independent medical practices that value hiring experts to manage some of their business processes, who prefer to spend their energy on patient care, and that want to improve their financial and operational performance. Keep reading to learn more about us. 


If you're a Provider with a private practice, chances are you're also a business owner, an entrepreneur. If you're a Practice Manager/Administrator, you wear many hats, have a lot of balls in the air, and are a critical resource on which your Providers depend. For everyone who works in a medical practice, your patients come first, and your ability to provide them excellent care also depends on the financial health of your practice. The financial health of your practice depends largely on the performance of the billing efforts. Medical billing is what Core Enable does best. Caring for your patients is what you and your staff do best. 

When you hire an outside company to handle a piece of your business, you want problem solvers and producers.  With today's EMR/PM technology, it's not difficult to simply submit claims. Where the rubber hits the road is in all the work that goes into managing your Accounts Receivable (A/R): minimizing denials, fixing issues, lowering the number of rejected claims, working denied claims...all with the goal of getting you paid fast and of increasing your profitability. This is Core Enable's specialty; this is our niche.  


People who hire us want to:

  • Focus on their expertise: treating patients and providing good patient service
  • Feel comfortable that our priority - our focus - is managing their A/R 
  • Have a trusted partner on their side who advocates for them and liaises between them and technology vendors
  • Know that we are keeping abreast of the government regs and compliance
  • Receive weekly or monthly reports on the health of their practice
  • Receive meaningful analysis of the data about their business so they know what needs to be improved and what is running smoothly
  • Work with a company that is U.S.-based and operated
  • Audit their charts to ensure compliance and maximum reimbursement
  • Pass the hassle and time-consuming work of credentialing to someone else
  • Work with a company with integrity and flexibility

Your trust is not assumed, it's earned, and we do everything we can to earn it. 

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