“I approached Core Enable because I needed to see what issues we had in our medical billing system and department.  Core Enable helped me by bringing issues to light that I was not aware of and the corrective actions to take.  The result was very informative and enlightening.  One thing I liked was that Beth Fisher, the owner of Core Enable, was involved from start to finish; she is very prompt in responding.  I found the whole experience quick and worry-free.  I would recommend Core Enable to people who need profound insight into their billing system and department.”

Contemporary OB-GYN Associates

"We are so pleased with the service that we've gotten from Core Enable!  We're currently using their Collections Alternative product, and it's working really well for us.  Patients have been responsive and the service also simplifies things for our billers.  The owner, Beth Fisher, has been so helpful and hands-on.  She's always available and we can tell that she really wants to help."

"Core Enable has helped me for 11 years with our practice's office systems. They are there when we need them and they've helped us resolve several problems that have cropped up. They're my first phone call and I highly recommend Core Enable to anyone who needs a company they can trust and that's capable."

"Core Enable has immensely helped us with various aspects of practice management that we were previously lacking on.  They have excellent follow up and in the year since we have worked with them, they have consistently provided excellent service to us and our patients, all at an exceptional value!"